DPF Removal. Expensive Repair Costs? Poor MPG Whilst DPF Is Regenerating?

Our DPF technicians can modify the DPF software in your vehicle’s ECU, offering simple and easy DPF Removal from your vehicle without any error codes/warning lights being logged.

Our in-house DPF Removal experts are always available to answer any queries you may have. We’re not asking you to come drop your car off, if you’re still not sure. At the end of the day, it’s your car. It’s expensive. So it’s only right that you take your time when making a decision on it. That’s where we’re more than happy to help…

Although the aim of the DPF is a great concept, it brings up a lot of new problems and expensive problmes in most cases. And we know this because we are being contacted everyday by unhappy customers, who are facing expensive dealer repair costs, when their DPF removal light comes on, indicating that they have, at minimum, a partial blockage in their DPF exhaust system. On occasions this can be solved with a partial flush of the DPF system but unfortunately this will only solve the problem short term.

We have the best engineers working on our DPF Removal software and they actively update this all the time. All we say is give us a ring. We’re happy to answer your questions beforehand.